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"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
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Dear One & All - Thank you so much for your interest in the Commemorative Women's March on Washington shirt that I designed. Ordering one is very simple. Since each shirt is custom made and uses vinyl printing, you can expect to receive your shirt within two to three weeks of me receiving payment for the shirt. Shirt proceeds will be donated to the Kitsap yWca in order to help them support victims of domestic violence.

First, let me explain the symbolism of the design on the front of the shirt. (If you just like the design and just want to order NOW, please scroll down for the logistics of doing so.) I began with the obvious - the symbol for "woman." That basic symbol is comprised of safety pins in homage to the cultural phenomenon that began in Australia when a woman was harassed on public transportation for wearing a hajib. Another passenger supported her in this attack. Afterward, people throughout Australia began wearing safety pins to indicate that they were a "safe person" who could be trusted to be respectful of differences and would act safely in word and deed. The practice continued in the U.K. after Brexit when hate crimes escalated. It is my hope that we can utilize this practice here in the U.S. to help alleviate the fears of so many people who worry that they will no longer be respected or validated or safe in a Trump administration. Finally, the hands in the center of the circle represent a diversity of demographic groups reaching toward one another for mutual support. By seeking to understand and respect the experiences, opinions, and needs of others, we can build a coalition that allows us truly to be . . . STRONGER TOGETHER.


1) Email me at: millball02@aol.com with the Following pieces of Crucial Information:
~ YOUR PREFERRED SHIRT STYLE (both are long sleeved) - you can choose either a neon pink Unisex TECH WEAR (so bright that it is probably visible from outer space) OR a pink Women's Cut Cotton (still bright but not visible from outer space;)
~ YOUR PREFERRED SHIRT SIZE - you can choose from XS - 3XL in BOTH styles. However, please know that the Tech Wear shirt runs almost two sizes "big"; and the Women's Cut Cotton runs almost one size "big." For example: I am 5'6'; 36-38C; 160 pounds and usually wear a Medium shirt on a sparse day and a Large on a normal day. HOWEVER, in these Commemorative shirts, the SMALL Tech Wear fits me comfortably, the Medium Women's Cut fits me comfortably and the Small Women's Cut fits me snugly but not immodestly!
~ WHAT YOU WANT ON THE SHIRT'S BACK - the front will have the Commemorative Design BUT . . . you have THREE choices for what will be on the BACK of the shirt. It can be BLANK OR it can have the NAMES of the people who have donated to the campaign OR it can have the slogan "STONGER TOGETHER" with a MLK, Jr. Quote above and below it.

2) Send your $50 payment! The easiest and safest means of doing so is to us the "Square Cash" APP. (It's logo is green with a $ sign and it has both iPhone and Android versions.) If you are using this Square Cash app for the first time, you will receive a $10 refund AND I will receive an additional $10 to donate to the yWca in order support victims of domestic violence!!! So, PLEASE simply download the APP on your smart phone. Once you have set up your account, you will pay your $50 to: $LisaBallou. Then, you will click on your icon (in the upper left hand corner) and scroll down until you find the words "reward code." Click on "reward code" and type in: JJGDJDJ. It is that simple! By claiming your reward, you will receive $10 in your Cash App account and I will receive an additional $10 for inviting you and providing you with the code.
IF you are unable or uncomfortable using this APP, please feel free to mail your $50 check to: Tri Turtle Wellness @ 2801 Cantu Ln. N.W. Seabeck, WA 98380

PLEASE feel free to email me @ millball02@aol.com OR to call me at (360) 801-6500 if you have any questions. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your interest in this Women's March Commemorative Shirt and for your support of the yWca's work to support the victims of domestic violence.

Sincerely, Lisa J. Ballou, Tri Turtle Wellness